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JB's Irish Wolfhounds

Performance-bred AQHA registered stock horses available at!

How we feed

Puppies: When our pups go home they will be on:

1. Total Canine adult dry food by free choice. 

2. Adult Pure Balance wet food, all flavors. Rotate with Adult Eukanuba wet food if they get bored of Pure Balance flavors.

3. Raw egg 1x/2-3 days. They will have been on 1/2 can of wet food mixed with an equal or larger portion of dry food than wet food. The dry food can be increased or decreased based on age and how much your baby is needing to eat. 

Our Adults:

1. Our adult dogs are fed free choice Total Canine adult.

2. Adult Pure Balance wet food, all flavors (Beef is NOT preferred). Rotate with Adult Eukanuba wet food if they get bored of Pure Balance flavors.

3. Raw egg 1x/2-3 days. Once a day they are each given the same mixture as described above which includes half can of wet food along with dry food.

This is OUR dog's diet that we have had excellent results with. Feeding methods can be altered based on you and your pup's needs and/or your veterinarian's suggestion.

Total Canine

We order through

Pure Balance

ADULT - All flavors - Beef is NOT preferred


ADULT - All flavors - Beef is NOT preferred

Raw Eggs

Can dogs eat raw eggs? Yes - but should they? They are full of Amino Acids that are excellent for your dogs coat and skin. They also provide vitamins and minerals, including: Vitamins A and B, Riboflavin, Folate, Iron and Selenium - all making raw eggs a SUPER FOOD! 

Myth: Raw eggs can get a dog sick from Salmonella. Fact: Dogs are capable of processing more bacteria than people. They are scavenging carnivores and can safely eat raw meat, bones and eggs. The highly acidic environment in their stomachs allow harmful bacteria to safely pass through their digestive systems without showing any ill effects.

Cooked eggs are also good for your dogs but lose a vast majority of the vitamins and minerals that are so healthy to begin with.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a very affordable, effective and natural way to control worms, flees, ticks, lice, mites or other bugs on or inside your dogs, in the yard or even in your home. When sprinkled lightly over their coat and brushed through the hair, it acts as a repellent and killer of flees, ticks, lice or mites. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR DOG TO INHALE THE DUST! KEEP AWAY FROM THE FACE! Do not use heavily or often on a dog with dry or irritable skin. It can also be sprinkled in your yard to kill different bugs so you and your dog is less apt to carry them inside! If bugs are already in your home, sprinkle it on the floors and furniture, wait 3-5 days and vacuum it up! This will kill bugs and larvae!

When using with food, sprinkle a tablespoon of FOOD-GRADE DE OVER WET FOOD SO IT IS NOT INHALED, then mix well. Mixes VERY well when adding a raw egg! This will kill internal worms and parasites and eliminate the need for over-the-counter de-wormers. This will eliminate roundworms, whipworms, pinworms and hookworms but does NOT prevent heart-worms.